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T4/IOG 2.0

Post by dart1 on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:52 pm

This will be very basic for now I should add more later.
This begins in lesser faydark. At the zone entrance is a guy who will give you tasks for blue metals. For the IOG 2.0 you need around 70-86 blue metals. Once you get them turn them in to horash the bee. He's on the west side of the zone in a tower just south of the brownie camp.
Once you have high enough faction to be indifferent with the guards in the tower in the West center of the zone. From the fort entrance go up the first ladder and the guy there will tell you the IOG 2.0 quest.
For the IOG 2.0 you need the cornaiv frozen crystal, IOG 1.0, order of the unicorn card, and skull of quarm from potimeb.

More will follow names and everything not all these are right.
Frightened human at the human camp starts the spawn for the unicorn of demori which drops the order of the unicorn card. You have to kill other unicorns in 4 corners of the zone first. Demori cannot be harmed by physical damage.

For the T4 armor you need ally faction with elites (the fort). Once you get the faction there are multiple tasks. You need to collect a set of tier dal, and rubicite armor also brownie leg, torso, flour, and meat which can be bought. Also a human slayer, elf slayer and brownie slayer. Those names are not completely accurate but weapons with the race in the title are the ones. Drop from respective races in the zone. The other tasks are mob killing tasks and item collection that note when it's looted rather than turn in. So cannot do those ahead of time. Once done with the tasks you will have all you need for t4 armor. Assuming you've done your t3.

Pro tip: once you have apprehensive faction with the fort guards there's a named guard at the fort entrance that will give you 3 times the faction for the metals. As well as two tasks for green metals (which are worth a third of the blue)


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