[T3] Epic 3.0 Guide

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[T3] Epic 3.0 Guide

Post by Mexi on Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:05 am

To get your Epic 3.0, you need to head to Dreadspire. You can get here from Trainer Fink in Kerra Isle.

You must collect the following items:
- Leg of the Chemist from Master Chemist Edward in Dreadspire
- Dark Heart of Count Telowin from Count Telowin in Dreadspire
- Liver of High Councilman Derek from High Councilman Derek in Dreadspire
- Head of the Master from the Master of Dreadspire in Dreadspire

Hand all 4 of these to Aragon in Kerra Isle to receive your class-specific Epic 3.0!


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