[T2] Instrument of Godlyness

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[T2] Instrument of Godlyness

Post by Mexi on Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:00 am

The Instrument of Godlyness / IOG is an item that significantly increases damage / healing, and how long your buffs last. Its a fairly short quest but involves quite a bit of killing.

Queen Nicole in Kerra wants you to make a Gut String and Tuning Fork.

To make the Gut String you need:
- Gut of the Ice Dragon from Lady Vox in Permafrost
- Scale of the Fish Dragon from Praklion in Dagnor's Cauldron
- 2 Lace of the Poison dragon. They come from Dreksaleq in Sebilis, and Phara Dar in Veeshan's Peak, respectively

Hand them to Nicole to make the Gut String

To make the Tuning Fork you need:
- 2 Guts of the Fire Dragon. You can tell these apart because one is for the Back slot and one for the Shoulder slot. They drop off of Nagafen.
- Lute Body of the Vindicated from the Big Ass Boss of Kael
- Alluring Lute of Mutation from Vulak`Aerr in Temple of Veeshan

Hand these in to make the Tuning Fork

You will also need a Lute of Singular Mastery, a rare drop from Vulak in the TOV event. Hand the Gut String, Tuning Fork and Lute of Singular Mastery to Faerik Windrunner in Kerra Isle to receive your Instrument of Godlyness. You can change it to a different type of weapon by handing it to Kinglykrab the Exchanger, an Air Elemental in Kerra Isle.


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