[T3] Plane of Time Key Quest

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[T3] Plane of Time Key Quest

Post by Mexi on Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:14 am

Lady Vox in Permafrost tasks you with collecting 4 pieces for her in order to forge a Key for the Plane of Time.

- Orc Ribcage
- Mark of Valor
- Dark Card of Dignatio
- Unicorn Horn

To get the Orc Ribcage, head over to Crushbone and defeat Emperor Crush. He is a fairly easy fight with no adds or mechanics, and drops 3 Ribcages each time you kill him.

To get the Mark of Valor, head over to Plane of Valor and defeat Haraxizm the Crystal Seeker. Be careful with this one, as he has a huge AE knockback effect, dispels buffs, and will FD his main target every so often. Drops 3 Marks per kill.

To get the Unicorn Horn, first defeat the Royals in Chardok A to get the key for Chardok B. Once inside Chardok B, you will need to kill Residents in order to get the Magic Castle Card, which acts as the Key to access Korucust, Father of the Asshole's room. Korucust himself comes with 2 adds that respawn fairly quickly, and he drops 3 horns per kill.

Finally, Klandicar, will require some outside assistance. You will want to find at least 1 player that has their Plane of Time key to come help you out. The fight itself is easy, its a simple tank and spank with a huge wave of adds spawning every 25%. However, he also spawns 6 wardens around his area that will constantly Complete Heal him until they are killed or despawned. A player with the Plane of Time key will need to say STOP to them, and then they will depop. Klandicar drops 10 or so Dark Card of Dignatio upon killing him.

Hand all 4 items into Lady Vox to receive your Plane of Time Key, the Time Phased Quintessence.

To actually access Plane of Time, head to Plane of Tranquility. Outside of the normal entrance to Plane of Time, you'll find an NPC who will spawn the Guardian of Time when you hail her. Have your Time Key in a top level inventory slot, and hail him to enter.


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