[T2] Ancient Frost Armor

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[T2] Ancient Frost Armor

Post by Mexi on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:55 am

Note: You will need to have completed a full set of Tier 1 Armor before beginning your quest for Tier 2 Armor.

To start out, head over to Kael. You can get there from Trainer Fink in Kerra Isle. Once inside, you are going to want to head up to where King Tormax would normally spawn on live; Here you'll see a Wood Elf that starts the Kael Ring Event.

Hail "Lost Wood Elf"

Lost Wood Elf says, 'I see you have made it past the ancient guards, and probably think you can take on the Gods? Well this is your chance to turn back. Are you sure you wanna take on the gods?

This causes the Lost Wood Elf to start the Kael Ring Event.

Lost Wood Elf shouts, 'By Earth and Water, Fire and Air, I conjure these powers to spawn this Ring of Ice. I spawn it now. Let all beware. Through here shall pass no living thing!"

Lost Wood Elf says, 'Quickly hail me and I'll show you the way!'
During the Kael Ring Event, you will fight waves of enemies, each in packs of 3. Killing the middle enemy always spawns the next wave. Mobs here have a chance to drop your Tier 2 Armor Molds, and at the end of the event, you'll fight Charissa, a dragon, who also has a chance to drop Tier 2 molds.

After you're done, the only way out is to Gate or get COH'd out.
Next we're going to head over to Temple of Veeshan and do the ToV Ring Event, which culminates in fighting Vulak`Aerr. Mobs during this event have a chance to drop Bags of Diseased Body Parts, which are another piece we're going to need. Vulak himself will always drop body parts, and has a chance to drop a Lute of Singulair Mastery, which is part of the Instrument of Godlyness 1.0 quest.
Third, lets head over to The Arena. Here you'll fight the Big Daddy himself, The Arena God. He doesn't hit particularly hard or do anything special, but he does have a relatively high amount of health and may take awhile to kill. He drops a ton of goodies, including the Bent Tool of the Gods which is what we're after.
Finally, find Dain Frostreaver IV in Kerra Isle, and hand him 1 Mold, 1 Bag, 1 Tool and 1 Piece of T1 Armor (UNAUG IT FIRST! AUGS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!) to receive a piece of Ancient Frost (Tier 2) Armor.


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