[T3] Tier 3 - Latin Armor Guide

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[T3] Tier 3 - Latin Armor Guide

Post by Mexi on Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:55 pm

Things You Need:
- Full set of Tier 2 Armor
- Plane of Time Key
- Lots of time on your hands
- Dragon Heads [Task in Kerra, Guide not written yet]


Hail, Metzger

Metzger whispers, 'Now what damnit it? Are you here to change your coins in to credit? Or are you here about the guild?'

Click on guild to continue.

Metzger whispers, 'You think you can cut it? I don't take in just anyone...What the hell. If you fuck up, I'll sell you off. You'll have to get a Tattoo on your forehead identifying you as a slaver to everyone. It's permanent, so no second thoughts. Are you ready?'

Click on ready to continue.

Metzger whispers, 'What do you know, you didn't even cry. I'm so proud of you... Actually, that tattoo looks pretty good on you. Just tell me when you're good to go.'

Metzger whispers, 'Two of my men will get you fairly close to your targets. Your pay will be based on the number of slaves you return, but watch each others backs. If anyone gets killed, your pay will be severely cut, okay?'

Click okay to continue.

Metzger whispers, 'Just kill all the hostile ones. If they attack you kill them. I don't want to deal with them anymore. Too big of a fucking hassle. Once you're done, the other slavers will round up and tag the rest. Do you understand?'

Click understand to continue.

Metzger whispers, 'Once they start tagging the slaves, you can head back if you like. It takes special training, so don't try to subdue the others yourself. You can do whatever you want as long as you don't damage the goods alright?'

Click alright to continue.

Metzger whispers, 'Good then you can leave now?'

Metzger will teleport you to West Commons. Talk to the Slaver Captain there, who will start an event for 40 minutes. Packs of 5 - 7 slaves will spawn in the Southern corner of the zone, each dropping one jawbone. Have the Slaver Executioner convert them into Metzger Coins. You need around 2500 of these. Metzger Coins can also drop from Tier 3 Raid Mobs.

Once you collect 2500 coins, say EXCHANGE to Metzger, who will take your coins. Once you each 2500 say REWARD and he will give you A Fine Latin Tool. If you ever lose your tool, say NEW TOOL to receive a new one.

Foreign Power Source:
Next, head to The Hole and defeat the Guardian of the Seal, who will drop a 4 slot book. You will then need to head to Plane of Air, and defeat Xegony, who will drop Wings of Xegony. Combine 3x Wings of Xegony with 1x Greater Dragons Head to receive a Foreign Power Source.

Final Steps:
At this point, here's what you should have:

- A Fine Latin Tool
- A Foreign Power Source
- Tier 3 Piece
- Tier 2 Piece

Talk to Dr. Jim in Kerra, and say "newenglandclamchowder". Then hand him the Tool, the Power Source, the Tier 3 Mold, and the Tier 2 Piece to get a Tier 3 Armor Piece! Be sure to unaug your Tier 2 first!


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