[MQ2] MacroQuest 2 Basics

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[MQ2] MacroQuest 2 Basics

Post by Mexi on Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:46 am

Basic reference for new users just starting out with MQ2, nothing advanced. If anyone has a request for a particular Hotkey I'll toss it in here with the rest.

Basic Commands:
/bca - Broadcasts to every character but your own
/bcaa - Broadcasts to every character including your own
/bct - Sends a tell to a character
/bct <channelname> - Sends commands to a specific channel
/bccmd connect - Connects your characters to the EQBC Server if they don't auto connect for some reason
/bccmd channel <channelnames> - Joins whatever channels you put down

/keypress - Tells a character to press a certain hotbutton
/cast - Tells a character to cast a certain spell gem
/itemnotify <itemslot> rightmouseup - Tells MQ2 to right click an item in a particular inventory slot
/plugin <pluginname> - Loads a plugin

/stick hold - Commands a character to stick to its current target
/stick uw hold - Commands a character to stick to its current target while looking down. Useful for underwater zones or when you use levitate
/stick uw hold 10 - Commands a character to stick to its current target while looking down and tells it to stay 10 yards away

/target ID ${Me.ID} - Targets your own character
/target ID ${Target.ID} - Targets your target, usually used to make other characters target a mob

Example Hotkeys:

Make all characters follow you:
Line 1: /bca //target ID ${Me.ID}
Line 2: /bca //stick uw

Make them stop following you:
Line 1: /bca //stick off

Tell your healers to heal you (Note: I use Spell Gem 3 for my heal on my healers, and they are in the channel mqhealers):
Line 1: /bct mqhealers //target ID ${Me.ID}
Line 2: /bct mqhealers //cast 3

Tell a character to press their Disc (Hotbutton 5 in this case), cast their AE Nuke, and attack (I use this one on the Ranger):
Line 1: /bct mqranger //target ID ${Target.ID}
Line 2: /bct mqranger //keypress 5
Line 3: /bct mqranger //cast 1
Line 4: /bct mqranger //autofire on

Tell the melee characters to engage your target:
Line 1: /bct mqmelee //target ID ${Target.ID}
Line 2: /bct mqmelee //stick uw hold 10
Line 3: /bct mqmelee //attack on

Note: May need to adjust the range at which they stick for certain mobs!


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