[T1] Ancient Elite Armor

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[T1] Ancient Elite Armor

Post by Mexi on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:58 pm

Tier 1 Armor starts out in Kerra Ridge by talking to Queen Nicole. She's located in the castle near King Mortenson, to the right of the Bank.

Nicole whispers, 'Who are you? My King has decided to give the Arena God a taste of his own medicine, using both a Necromancer and a Cleric to keep him dead and resurrected for an eternity. Still, the land is torn with strange politics.'

Click on Politics to continue.

Nicole whispers, 'Yes, I have learned of the Heinous acts of the followers of Rallos Zek in Kael, and the horrid beasts of Karnors.

Click on Karnors to continue.

Nicole whispers, 'I can craft certain parts for Ancient Armor molds but you would have to find someone to finish the armor after. Maybe Prince Xypher could help you in Firiona Vie.'

You will need to visit Karnor's Castle and collect the following:
- 1 Pattern (Note: Chest and Legs pattern drop from The Asshole Bossmob, and also require Prince Xypher's Tools, from the ABM)
- Glowing Drovlarg Hide (Drops randomly from trash and named monsters)
- Festering Gut of Sathir (Drops randomly from trash and named monsters)

You will also need to visit KFC (Aviak Village) and collect:
- Glowing Mithril Steel

Turn 1 pattern, 1 hide, 1 gut and 1 steel into Queen Nicole in Kerra Isle to receive a Tier 1 Armor Mold. Take these molds to Prince Xypher, and hand them in for a piece of Tier 1 Armor! Note: The Chest and Legs molds must also be handed in along with 1 Prince Xypher's Tools in order to receive those pieces of armor.


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